DR Gerald Vargas is an international presenter and coach both for SOTO-Australasia, SORSI (USA) and NET USA. He has been presenting since 2008 and has trained by many mentors both locally and many from overseas who have contributed to his professional development in educating from the stage.

Chiropractic Business seminars

  1. Chiropractic leadership: Inspiring your team to greatness
  2. Developing your ideal culture for your business and team
  3. The essential 5 keys to build a powerful team

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Community seminars

  1. Tongue-tie seminar: An integrated approach to support healthy development in children
  2. Helping your child overcome Learning difficulties: A multimodal approach
  3. Orthodontics and Cranial treatment: A multidisciplinary approach for proper development and growth

Tongue-tie seminar

This year we will be running a tongue-tie seminar in conjunction with some leading lactation consultants and neonatologist to address some of the effects of tongue-tie on proper feeding and development in children. If you are interested in attending, be sure to email us at so that we can get in contact with you.

Stay tuned for seminars and retreats that we will be holding to help improve health and wellbeing. There is no better way to foster growth than taking time away from our busy lives to explore a deeper connection with ourselves. Taking everything away, all we all want ultimately the same thing – happiness and health.

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Orthodontic & Chiropractic Seminar

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