At Essential Health Chiropractic we have strong interest in working with kids. Our practitioners are well trained in techniques which are low force, making treatments more suitable for kids and infants. We have a strong interest in education and teaching in order to help families and parents better help their children.

Even though we understand Chiropractic for children may have its limitations with regards to research, our office is committed investigating the effectiveness of Chiropractic and the benefits of such. This is the reason why we invest valuable time in furthering our education at international forums such as the MINDD Foundation, and others such as the Fascial Research Society to gain up-to date and current scientific information that validates what we see in practice.

We also understand that when working with children, it is often group effort from many professionals. This means that Chiropractic may not always have all the answers that may help a child to develop and grow properly. Working alongside professionals such as Speech Pathologists, Myo-functional Dentists, Integrative General Practitioners, Lactation Consultants, Behavioural Optometrists and Neuro-Developmental Practitioners.

We are also excited to introduce some New Clinical tests and treatments to support kids with development delay and understand their brain function. These will be TOVA testing and Neuro-feedback treatments; Be sure to jump on this link to see what they offer.

Neurofeedback Treatment:

Neurofeedback and Autism: